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you should try writing a dabble some time!!


Ya know as much as I would like to go balls to the walls I really don’t think that would work out. Might be best if I just stick with helping Hazel out and throwing out ideas/ one liners.

She’s the best writing helper in the universe. I swear to God, if my book ever gets published, she’s getting her own personal dedication. For reals.

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They really need to make these ask boxes have more characters i mean who the hell can rant in 500 characters? ha, i'll tell you a wizard. (okay I'm done, i really need to sleep i have starr tomorrow. opps not sorry) (btw starr is texas state testing incase you were confused.)

Haha you’re talking to a Texan, I know alllllll about starr. Good luck, I’ll say a prayer for ya.

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so u can always tell if it's the same anon (which is me) because I put lol in almost everything I type and it's always all lowercase! lol< see there I go again. (I stay anon cuz if I'm not I feel as I'm annoying the hell out of u so this way u won't know who it is! ha ha I like to think in a mastermind. jk. no.) (I would like to personally that the person who made the anon button cuz it's like my security blanket) (lol I should really go to sleep before I annoy the hell outta u, sorry)

Guys, YOU WON’T ANNOY ME BY TELLING ME WHO YOU ARE! Many people have told me the same thing and it’s, like, totally not true. 

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sometimes I'm so much like kensi with my sweet tooth, trust issues, failure to let people in, messiness and communication issues and all and it scares me. we are creepily so much alike! (don't know why I told u that just felt like sharing with some one, it's probably because it's almost one where I am and I'm sleep deprived, ha oh well, lol don't mind me, bye.


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What is this flashback everyone is talking about?!? I can't figure it out!

Lemme break it down for you.

In an interview, Shane Brennan said that we’d see a ‘flashback’ to the night Kensi and Deeks supposedly spent together, and that we’d finally know once and for all what happened between them that night. Then TV  Guide picked it up, and it was referenced in, like, every single interview any cast member has done since. 

Aaaaaand then they cut it from the ep. Because they’re geniuses.

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lol in that first dabble I don't think that would qualify as a metaphor, it was not of a sentence with a double meaning!

It did have a double meaning. Or Kensi was just trying to make it have a double meaning, like she always does. Ya know. Kensi style. (Or Kalstein style, same difference.)

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I just read something where someone was talking about how dani and eric need to be together, and i just think that's so messed up.


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xonly in the very beginning did i ever ship them xback when she wasn't with david and i didn't know he was with sarah xbut that stint was brief and short lived xcause i quickly became obsessed with sarah and thought they were the cutest thing on the planet xEric Christian Olsen
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the only thing that I'm actually confused about in 'three hearts' is why kensi was smiling when she walked away.

Because their raccoon spirit animals are soul mates.


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xcould y'all hear the sarcasm oozing from every part of that reply? xi sure could xdensi
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Drabble request: "Daddy, there are monsters in my room..." Ray whispered as he crawled in between his parents.

Deeks rubs his eyes and sighs. This is the third night in a row.

“I told you, buddy- I got rid of all the monsters, remember? I showed them my shiny gold badge police badge and they all ran away.”

Kensi chuckles groggily, her head still resting against her pillow. “Yeah, that tends to happen in real life too.”

“Wait, what do you mean by real life-“

“Mommy’s just joking, that’s all,” he says, lightly kicking her with his foot. “But like I said- I already got all the monsters.”

The little boy shakes his head furiously from side to side. “No. There are more. I can hear them, they make sounds like-“ Ray makes a couple of loud hissing noises and claws at the air for dramatic effect. 

Deeks tries not to smile but his efforts are ineffective. “Are you sure it isn’t just the air conditioner, bud?”

“I’m sure.”

He sighs. “You want me to check it out?”

Ray nods sleepily. “Yeah, but can you do it in the morning? I’m tired.”

Deeks pats the bed, and Kensi wraps an arm around their little boy as he lays down between the two of them.

“Fighting monsters can be exhausting, huh?”

There is no reply, just the sound of heavy breathing and a roaring air conditioner- the one his son has been battling with all night long. Deeks smiles and drops a kiss to the top of Ray’s head, certain that, come morning time, he’ll find some way to get rid of all the monsters.

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xDensi xkinda xi dunno xit's a family fic xand they're married xso that counts as densi xanyways xncisladrabble xKensi Blye xMarty Deeks xRay Donald Deeks xhe gets his own tag now xNCIS:LA xNCISLA xNCIS Los Angeles xdrabble
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Prompt: Kensi and Deeks against the metal-masked men in the "One Last Chance" promo. {no-slow-motion}

“This looks like something out of a horror film! Like, one of those really bad ones I watched as a kid that gave me night terrors for two years. I mean,
 I think I’m gonna start having night terrors again. That was a bad time, Fern. I really don’t wanna-” Deeks stops talking after he bumps into Kensi, but decides to keep his back to her so they’re covered from every angle. “To sum it up… this doesn’t look great.”

“Yeah, I can definitely see that, Deeks.”

“Why aren’t you freaking out?” he asks, the masked men still slowly making their way towards them.

“How the hell do you know that I’m not freaking out? I could be having a mental panic attack right now and you wouldn’t have any idea. You can’t read my mind.” She pauses for a beat, and- “You’ve never been very good at communicating.”

Kensi can feel him toss his arms up in the air, because when they fall back to his sides they brush her legs as well. “Oh my god, there is no way we are having this conversation right now. I’m worried about having night terrors and you’re trying to counsel me about my communication skills?”

“Yeah! Why the hell shouldn’t I?”

“Well, ya know, there is a hoard of masked men slowly walking towards us. And you, my dear, aren’t even slightly alarmed.”

“Did you just call me your ‘dear’?”


“I think it is!” The men are almost surrounding them by this point, and their other teammates are nowhere to be found. “Or, ya know… maybe it can wait until later.”

He chuckles lightly. “Yeah, maybe.”

The men are only a couple feet away by now and his heart is pumping, his mind is racing, his stomach is churning and he’s wondering how he even ended up here, surrounded by super creepy men wearing super creepy silver masks when all of a sudden-

“Federal agents!”

Sam and Callen, along with about ten LAPD backup agents, come charging towards the crowd of men. Callen shoots a couple rounds into the air, which distracts the hoard of masked weirdos long enough that Kensi and Deeks are both able to draw their weapons. 

Sam yells “Down on the ground!” in that booming, authoritative voice of his. Most of the men obey when they see the firepower he’s carrying with him, but there are still a few runners.

There are always a few runners. And Deeks doesn’t get it.

“Why do people always run?” he asks, just as those three or four idiots sprint away and then are tackled to the ground, one-by-one, by LAPD.

Kensi tucks her gun back into it’s holster and rolls her eyes.

“No, I’m being serious!” Deeks shakes his head. “We’re armed to the teeth and eventually, we’re clearly gonna get them. They know it, I’m sure. Like, why even run away? It doesn’t make any sense to me.”

She shrugs and shoots him a quick wink before turning around to walk away.

“It’s all about the chase, Deeks. You should know that by now.”

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xwas that a metaphor i just threw in there? xi'm becoming a part of the problem xand i'm sorry xi feel like kalstein xbut better xMUAHAHAHAHA xDensi xncisladrabble xNCIS:LA xNCISLA xNCIS LA xKensi Blye xMarty Deeks xKensi x Deeks xDeeks xNCIS Los Angeles xdrabble
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What's you're Drabble about?

It’s a one-shot for next weeks episode! Should be up soon:)

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Do you think we will get the flashback on the dvd deleted scenes?

I think that they’ll either weave it into a future ep or put it in as a deleted scene. I dunno. I just can’t picture them letting it go to waste.

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what would you do if you were in kensi's position in frozen lake and you and your partner just did the hoedown in the sheets the night before and didn't take the shot because of that?

I’m gonna say the same as Emma. I WOULD NOT HAVE PUNCHED HIM IN THE FACE.

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I don't think kensi and dani are anything alike do u?

Eh, not really. I definitely don’t think she’d ever punch David in the face, if that’s what you’re asking.

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kensi or deeks and why?

Deeks. Just because he’s my baby and I love him. But personally, if you were gonna take one away I just want you to take them both away. Like, give me the illusion that they’re married with kids somewhere and I’ll be happy.

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